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Hey friends,

In the melody of worship, we find the chords of revival.

Minstrel Ki is a musical messenger commissioned to propagate the gospel through worship, responding to the divine movement sweeping across the earth in these contemporary times.

Recent releases.

prayer by minstrel ki
My Love by Minstrel Ki

Kingsley Ameh Innocent, also known as Minstrel K.I, is a highly acclaimed singer from Nigeria. He is a versatile artist, renowned for his exceptional talents as a singer, praise/worship leader, songwriter, music producer/director, and psalmist/composer. Some of his notable singles include “You are Holy,” “In Your Name,” “I Am That I Am,” and “Yabo” (sung in Nigerian Hausa Language).

Minstrel Ki
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Distinctively Award Winning Artiste , Music Producer and Multi Instrumentalist Minstrel K.I Releases a new Video from his recent Live recorded Conce.

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Distinctively award winning talented vocalist, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Minstrel K.I’s ministration during the chamber experience with min micstuckey in Accra Ghana 2019

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Distinctively Award Winning Anointed Singer , Music Producer and Multi Instrumentalist Minstrel K.I Combination of 6 songs from the Love Series Project.